WEBSTER GROVES, Mo. – Webster Groves police are searching for the person or persons who wreaked chaos by burning signs on private property in suspected hate crimes.

Words and messages of passion turned into ash, something that came as a surprise for those who live on North Bompart.

“Early in the morning, when I was walking my dogs, I noticed my sign. I looked at my grass, I looked, and said, ‘What, was there a fire here or something?’” said Laura, a resident who lives in the neighborhood with her children and husband.

What’s left is charred and burned grass, a sign once spreading messages of inclusion, now completely unrecognizable. It’s something Laura noticed early Monday morning while walking her dogs.

“Someone burned the sign down,” she said.

“That was a very personal, important thing for our family to show that we’re in solidarity with individuals from different backgrounds and diversities.”

At Webster Groves Baptist Church, feet away from the family’s home, yet another sign of the alleged hate crimes sits on the side of the church. A pillar now sits charred after yet another Black Lives Matter sign became the culprit of what police are calling a string of hate crimes.

In fact, Webster Groves police believe the three acts against Black Lives Matter and other inclusive groups were connected: from a family’s residence on North Bompart, to the church on Summit Avenue, to another private property on Big Bend Boulevard.

“Someone chose to let us know that was not in their belief system,” said one resident.

Police believe the crimes are connected but would not provide additional details regarding possible surveillance or if they already have a suspect in mind. Those who live in the neighborhood say inclusivity has been a problem for years, even forcing some out of their homes on a stretch of Bompart.

Meanwhile, concerned residents say the neighborhood should be focused on the value of life and how it prospers.

“All humans are created equal, and that’s what we believe in this house,” Laura said.

Laura and those looking to change the narrative have one message for the people committing such acts:

“Look in the mirror and think about why you’re doing that. Maybe examine your life a little and leave mine alone,” Laura said.

Anyone with information on these crimes is asked to contact Detective Sgt. Brian Wintergalen of the Webster Groves Police Department at 314-963-5423 or at wintergalenb@webstergrovesmo.gov.