FERGUSON, Mo. – Authorities have identified a woman who was struck and killed Wednesday morning near a Ferguson intersection.

A crash report from the Missouri State Highway Patrol said the incident occurred at 6:05 a.m. on South Florissant Road (Route N), just south of Brotherton Lane and Woodstock Road.

Troopers said Willetter Anderson-Watson was crossing South Florissant when she was struck by a Volkswagen turning from Woodstock onto South Florissant.

The driver of the Volkswagen went to check on Anderson-Watson, and that’s when another vehicle hit her. The second driver left the scene.

State police are handling the investigation.

According to residents, this is the latest of accidents that happen too often on South Florissant. 

Since Regina Davidson opened her business, Juanita’s Shaved Ice & Cream, eight months ago along South Florissant, she said fire trucks and ambulances keep going back and forth down the street. 

“People running into each other, cars flipping over,” Davidson said. “Once they pass the stop light down here, it’s like a highway.”

“They should put more speed bumps, like more signs showing you that pedestrians or kids are walking,” said Mark Powell, a Ferguson resident.

Just as a FOX 2 crew arrived at the scene of the accident hours later, they witnessed another accident on South Florissant. Police were quick to respond, followed by ambulance and firefighters. 

Residents said something needs to be done to slow down these drivers. 

“It’s been a lot of car crashes out here,” said Triston Smith. “Like, all up and down here. It was one like right down there before, like right by the barber shop.”

Said Powell, “I’m 41, and I’ve been over here for my whole life. So I have heard [of] so many since I was a child, and it’s just been non-stop.”

Davidson wants people to look out for one another while driving.

“People, just please stop speeding. Wherever you’re going, it’s going to be there when you get there. So it’s no hurry,” she said