Police need help identifying three men caught stealing from Chesterfield Mall


CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – Chesterfield police are asking for the public’s help in identifying three men seen stealing from Chesterfield Mall last month.

The suspects were caught on camera walking through the back halls of the mall. One man is seen looking directly at the camera.

Police say they entered multiple stores and left with merchandise Sept. 26.

Chase Callahan’s store-sanctioned sneaker collection was one that was hit by thieves according to mall security.

Callahan said theft isn’t new but this time it’s too close for comfort.

“They were only maybe a hundred feet away from our back doors so one slip of accidentally leaving a door open and we could have been on the edge of some stuff going down,” Callahan said.

The men are seen on security cameras walking the back halls of the loading area for the mall.

One suspect looked directly at the camera.

“I can imagine they were trying to walk all along these areas,” Callahan said. “Usually these doors automatically lock, as long as they’re closed so what I imagine is it was perched up.

“I hate to say but the one night they forgot to close the doors someone came in and takes advantage of it.”

Chesterfield police say the thieves went through multiple stores making it out with stolen merchandise, which is a concern for the handful of stores left in a nearly empty mall.

“If I was to lose or people were to break my cases or anything, these cases are so hard to find right now and the cards are not able to track it,” Mystic TCG store owner Eden Salinas said.

Another store owner said that despite the lack of crowds, his shop was targeted as well.

The developer, the Staenberg Group, has no comment at this time.

“Most of them are just sole proprietors trying to just get their name out there, start somewhere small, and having this happen to them really sucks,” Callahan said.

Police are hoping to find the three men responsible and get the stores some justice.

The mall is set to shut down in 2023.

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