ST. PETERS, Mo. – The St. Peters Police Department is asking for the public’s help Wednesday identifying thieves who broke into the Academy Sports and Outdoors off Highway 70.

The store was temporarily shut down after thieves drove a stolen car through the front doors and went for the gun case.

“It’s always concerning for law enforcement when you have groups of criminals that are going with their sole purpose of getting firearms,” said Sgt. Melissa Doss, St. Peters Police Department. 

Two Academy stores were burglarized on Wednesday. The first one was in O’Fallon, Illinois, and the other in St. Peters. Police said the break-ins are very similar and the driver of a stolen car rammed the front door at each store to get inside. 

“If somebody wants to commit a crime they’re going to do it. Regardless of what’s there, they will find a way to get through it,” said Craig Pevnick, owner of A Pane in the Glass.

Once the criminals were inside, they went for the gun cases. The surveillance video showed two men shooting at the bulletproof glass. A type of glass that Pevnick said he expects to see more business owners using. Especially, after hearing about recent break-ins at dispensaries. 

“Probably a lot of dispensaries are going to go that route. Just for security reasons because I mean I can see people really wanting to break into places like that and that will definitely help,” Pevnick said. “It’s very expensive. If they can afford it, more power to them.”

He said not every business needs bulletproof glass and said the cost of laminate glass can be a better option. 

“When it breaks it cracks, but usually nothing comes through it unless it’s heavy enough and hard enough,” Pevnick said. “Then it can, but that’s probably the best option as far as any kind of security other than putting bars over it. But like we said, there is really not much that’s going to keep a car out.”

Police are still looking for the people involved in the burglaries. If anyone has information on the identity of any of the subjects involved in the St. Peters burglary, they are asked to call 636-278-2222 or anonymously at 636-278-1000.

O’Fallon Police ask anyone who has information relating to this crime to contact Det. Nick Schimdt of the O’Fallon Police Department at 618-624-4545.