ST. LOUIS – Students at Ranken Technical College had a scare Wednesday afternoon following a report of shots fired near the campus.

The campus is located in the 4400 block of Finney Avenue, just south of Page Boulevard, in the Lewis Place neighborhood of north St. Louis.

Police responded to a report of an active shooter on the campus early Wednesday morning. When police arrived, there were no victims and no crime scene.

“What we have is alleged shots (fired) at this time, per an instructor. We don’t know who fired shots,” Capt. Donald Moore, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, said. “It was not students, because he was conducting class with his eyes on his students.”

Several students said they heard what they thought were gunshots near the campus job site and ran for cover.

One student said they were waiting for a work truck to arrive on the job site when they heard six or seven gunshots. He described seeing a vehicle speed through the area with all of its windows down.

While police could not confirm what the students and staff heard, Capt. Moore said they take every call seriously.

“We had an instructor that said they heard something that sounded like two shots,” he said.

The campus sent an email alerting students that there was an active shooter on campus. Parents rushed to the campus fearing the worst.

“My daughter called and said there was an active shooter, and (police) got it on lockdown,” Ajay McCall said. “I’m in Earth City. My cousin and I, we high-tailed it down to see what was going on. There was a big police presence. I’m still nervous. When you get that type of news, that’s how it is. And my daughter said they alright.”