ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – St. Louis County police are investigating Molotov cocktails that were found Tuesday near school buses at a south county school.

Officers from the Affton Southwest precinct responded to an arson call in the 7700 block of Mackenzie Road around 7:07 a.m.

Police said they found a glass bottle containing a flammable substance with a rag in the bottle opening. A second broken and burned bottle was found nearby in the parking lot at Holy Cross Academy – St. John Paul II Campus.

The St. Louis Regional Bomb and Arson unit said there are not aware of any threats to the school.

“People being crazy not having boundaries of themselves,” said Jason Nicholson. “I grew up kind of strait-laced and never really thought anything like that would be going on. But to hear that it’s going on is kind of different.”

A spokesperson from Holy Cross Academy – St. John Paul II Campus released the following statement:

“It’s our understanding that there was suspicious material found in the parking lot away from the building near where the buses were parked.”

The campus was closed until police determined the area was safe. Some workers in the neighborhood shared their thoughts about the incident.

“That’s pretty bad on kids you know,” said Jonathan Dickerson. “A Molotov cocktail, that’s like a bomb. You can burn something down with that thing.”

Nicholson said he believed that kids were not involved in the crime.

“You know people being careless,” he said. “No kid stuffs. I don’t see it being kids being dangerous or stuff like that. Especially, when I was younger, I wasn’t doing that. If somebody’s doing that kind of stuff it’s on the hard side of things. A little dangerous.”