RIVERVIEW, Mo. – A woman was shot and killed in a carjacking at a Riverview grocery store Sunday.

Police have identified 34-year-old Laruth Jones as the victim, who was found in a grocery store parking lot Sunday afternoon.

Around 5 p.m., Riverview and St. Louis County police rushed to Raqqa Food Mart and started attempting to save her, but unfortunately, Jones died shortly after.

A customer from the convenience store said they were shocked to see a regular killed while going for a simple trip to the store.

“Over a car, like it’s getting senseless, it’s getting to the point where nobody is safe in the streets of St. Louis and it shouldn’t be like that,” said customer Brandon.

The victim’s car was stolen. The red Mercedes was later found burned and destroyed in an alley in College Hill near east Linton Avenue and Emily Street. No one was found on the scene.

“If they wanted the car, they should’ve just taken the car and just leave her alone,” said Riverview resident Evelyn. “They think women are weak, but they are not, they are strong women and that woman did not deserve what they did to her.”

The tragedy happened almost four months after the body of Dasia Allen was found in an abandoned lot not far from Sunday’s shooting.

Many residents point out that several other black women have gone missing in recent months. The shooting is adding to their fears.

“I have a mom. I got daughters. I got a sister,” said one Riverview resident. “Sometimes, I’m worried about them like when they leave, I tell them to watch their surroundings. Don’t be too friendly with people. Going in the store, get in to go out, and just pray nothing happened to them.”

Police continue to investigate the fatal shooting that took a young woman’s life.

There are currently no leads in this homicide case.

If you have any information, you’re asked to call St. Louis County Police or make an anonymous tip with the CrimeStoppers Tip Hotline: 1-866-371-TIPS (8477).