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WEBSTER GROVES, Mo. – A neighborhood in shock after a Webster Groves homeowner shot and killed an intruder early Friday morning.

Police say a person tried to break into a home located in the 1400 block of Grant Road around 3 a.m.

Investigators say the man had entered the home from the back door and was confronted by the homeowner.

”It’s sad, he broke in and got a bad experience from it. I heard the guy broke in, and got greeted with a shotgun,” Kevin Picco said.

Police say the homeowner ordered the intruder to get out, and when the suspect refused to comply with verbal commands to exit the residence, that’s when the homeowner opened fire.

Fox 2 was unsuccessful at reaching the homeowner.

Many residents say the news is alarming.

“It’s a tragedy that this happened because you should not go in people’s homes. People work hard for what they have. The homeowner was not arrested.”

Police have not said if the homeowner knew the intruder, but did say it is believed that the suspect was acting alone, and there is no additional threat to the public.

Webster Groves Criminal Defense Attorney John Schleiffarth says the case could possibly be justified under Missouri’s state expanded self-defense law

“If you are using your gun in self-defense, you are protected when you are in your home in case of a dangerous felony being committed against you,” Schleiffarth said.

“Classic scenario: someone is burglarizing your home and break into your home. They don’t have permission to be there, you do have the right to use deadly force. The law (is) going to presume you are justified in doing so.”

The Webster Groves Police Department said the homeowner was not injured and attempts are being made to identify the deceased suspect.