ST. LOUIS, Mo. – A Thursday morning shooting at Fields Foods in South St. Louis leads to one man being injured and another in custody.  Fields Foods owner Chris Goodson said the former employee who is currently banned from the store returned and attacked one of the managers.  

The shooting was reported just after 7:00 am. Police said during the assault, the man took out a gun and the victim attempted to disarm him. That is when the weapon fired.  The suspect then pulled out a knife and swung it at the victim, who was cut trying to swipe it away.   

Goodson, who is a former St. Louis City Police Commissioner, said it was the employees at Fields Foods and the Metropolitan St. Louis Police Department who helped save a dedicated manager’s life.  

“The employee is OK, he’s at the hospital now. He’s a tough individual. My employees, who I couldn’t be more proud of, were able to identify the suspect immediately because of the employees and apprehend him.  We were able to identify the suspect because of our employees ,” said Goodson. “He won’t be able to cause any other mayhem on citizens and businesses throughout the city.”  

The suspect is in custody and the victim was conscious and breathing before being transported to an area hospital.  The victim’s condition is not known at this time.