Subway employee uses dustpan to fend off armed robber

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MAPLEWOOD, Mo. – Police are looking for somebody who they believe is a serial sandwich shop robber. Three shops were hit in one week.

Around 2 p.m. Wednesday, a man in black pants, a black shirt, and a maroon hat walked into a Subway on Manchester in Maplewood.

Detective William Ballard, Maplewood Police Department, said the suspect asked about cookies and ordered a sandwich, likely to get the employee closer to the cash register.

In the meantime, a second employee is sweeping near the front door. As the sandwich was being made the suspect walked over to the employee sweeping and pulled out a semi-automatic handgun.

The suspect pointed it at the employee and the employee used his dustpan to re-direct the weapon.

This happens multiple times, with the employee hitting the suspect’s hand that is holding the gun. Detective Ballard said the scary part is when the suspect chambered the gun.

Eventually, the suspect gives up and runs out and the employees follow and see him get into a dark blue vehicle.

Police believed the suspect struck again.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department released photos of a suspect who is wanted for robbing a Subway store on Chippewa, the same day that the store in Maplewood was hit, and a Penn Station off of Hampton three days prior.

If you have any information on the suspect, you’re asked to call Maplewood police, St. Louis police, or CrimeStoppers.

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