ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – A man started a fire Monday after a box cutter attack on his elderly father near Fenton, police say.

Prosecutors have charged Jason Jockish, 54, with arson, armed criminal action and first-degree assault in the investigation.

According to court documents, Jockish told police that he “did what God instructed (him) to do.”

The incident happened at an undisclosed time Monday in the 2200 block of Aventine Drive, just west of Fenton city limits.

Investigators say Jockish used a box cutter to salsh his father in the face, throat, and wrist, which caused deep lacerations to his body. Jockish then reportedly flipped over the stove, cut a line, and set fire to tissue paper. He escaped the house with a bag of belongings while his father was on the ground of the kitchen floor.

The victim eventually escaped and was rushed to the hospital with undisclosed injuries. Fire and smoke led to significant damage at the home.

Jockish was arrested on warrant Tuesday and is jailed in St. Louis County without bond.