ST. CHARLES, Mo. – A St. Peters, Missouri man is in custody for assaulting a person, chasing them to a nearby business, and then breaking into said business to continue their attack.

According to a probable cause statement from the St. Charles Police Department, the incident took place on Friday, May 20, at a gas station in the 2200 block of N. 3rd Street. Officers were informed that a person had been struck with an object and was bleeding.

When police arrived at the gas station, they found the glass front door had been smashed open. Officers went inside and found the suspect, identified as Cary Williams, drinking a bottle of rum in the liquor aisle. Williams was then taken into custody.

Police made contact with the employees at the gas station and the victim. The employees said the victim walked in with his head covered in blood and was seeking help. While the employees were rendering aid, Williams attempted to enter the store.

One of the employees confronted Williams in the parking lot and tried to get him to leave. Williams would not listen to the requests and tried entering the gas station. The employees closed and locked the front doors to keep Williams outside.

Williams allegedly pulled a trash can in front of the glass doors, then began throwing bundles of firewood at the doors. He broke the glass doors and went inside the business. The employees and the victim retreated to the rear of the store behind a locked door.

With the employees locked in the back of the store, Williams walked to the liquor shelf and took a bottle of rum. He was seen drinking the bottle before police arrived.

The St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office charged Williams with two counts of third-degree assault, two counts of fourth-degree assault, first-degree property damage, first-degree trespassing, and stealing (less than $150).

St. Charles police said they have had previous encounters with Williams in the past for intoxication and public disturbances.