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LINCOLN COUNTY, Mo. — The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help in identifying a “well dressed” 1984 murder victim as they gain access to new DNA technology that helped cracked another cold case from 2006.

The technology is reigniting hope for Lincoln County investigators looking to solve nine more cold cases. 

“It’s really hard to investigate a case, especially an old case if you can’t identify who the person is,” said David Hill, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Captain. 

A molding shows what the man in the 2006 case looked like when he died. He’s been identified and his remains returned to his family for burial.

By working with an anthropology professor from Southeast Missouri State University and the private lab Ortham Inc., they can do the same for another murder victim from 1984.

“They tried doing DNA sequencing before, and the technology has evolved. So, they’re able to do more accurate DNA testing,” said Hill. “They have access to a broader range of comparisons.”

The lab is the first to apply the tech to forensic evidence. They have solved dozens of cases. Decades ago, a man’s body was found inside a pumphouse near highway f in rural Lincoln County.

Evidence shows he was shot in the back of the head. The victim was dressed in expensive clothing, including a Bill Blass grey suit with red pinstripes, a grey or blue tie in a Windsor knot around his neck, and a black cashmere pea coat.

Hill asks the public to think back.

“Maybe they know something, they remember something, they heard something. Any information like that can help us get started,” said Hill. “Then, that’s going to be critical to being able to solve the case.”

The new technology is bringing a community one step closer to finding out what happened to their loved ones.

Anyone with information about this case should contact Lieutenant Amy Tippett of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division. Lieutenant Tippett can be reached at 636-462-6470. 

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Ortham Inc. also lists some of its most recent solved cases here: