ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – The St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has charged a 30-year-old Pacific, Missouri man for allegedly breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s home while she was sleeping and stealing her property.

According to court documents, the break-in occurred on the morning of Nov. 5, 2021. The victim woke up around 5:30 a.m. and heard strange noises in her home. She initially dismissed the noises and went back to sleep.

The alarm on the woman’s phone went off at 6 a.m. She got up and took the phone with her to the bathroom. She then heard noises coming from the basement and left her phone on the bathroom sink to go investigate.

The woman found nothing unusual in the basement and returned to the bathroom to find her phone was missing.

The victim suspected Gregory Strothkamp, her ex-boyfriend, had entered the house using a spare set of keys and stolen her phone. The couple had broken up two months prior.

The woman tracked her stolen phone—valued at $1,300—to the area of Strothkamp’s residence in Pacific.

St. Louis County police obtained a search warrant for geolocation information for both the victim’s and Strothkamp’s phones. Investigators discovered Strothkamp’s phone was at the victim’s home around 5:30 a.m. that day. Strothkamp was arrested that day.

Strothkamp was charged with first-degree burglary and stealing – $750 or more. He posted bond and was released.