ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. — Law enforcement is stepping up patrols on a dangerous stretch of highway in St. Charles County to crack down on bad drivers.

Chief Kurt Frisz with the St. Charles County Police Department said his department has seen a lot of major accidents along Highway 61 over the years.

“The Highway 61 corridor is a dangerous highway. We see a lot of crashes end in serious injuries and fatalities. So we want to focus our efforts there,” Frisz said.

Driver Daphne Thompson said she got into a serious accident in January but was able to walk away with just a few injuries.

“It happened about 7 a.m. in rush hour traffic. It was a very scary situation, and I am still dealing with pain in my back and shoulders,” Thompson said.

She said, unfortunately, many accidents that he’s seen on the corridor are fatal. Therefore, he said his department along with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and the Highway Patrol will all be visibly patrolling Highway 61 from I-70 to Eolia.

“This isn’t just a one-day campaign. This is just the day we decided to do a media release on it and to bring attention to it. But excessive speed and distracted driving is the main causes of the crashes that we see,” Frisz said.

Frisz said they are not just increasing patrols for safety, but also in observance of National distracted driver awareness month. He hopes it makes a difference.

“Our goal is to bring awareness to distracted driving and hopefully get people to think twice about texting driving and talking on their cell phones and increase safety is our overall goal,” he said.