ST. CHARLES COUNTY — Police officers in St. Charles County have been putting yellow notes on the doors of people who live there.

These are the yellow notes police are posting on potential victims doors if one or more of the items are checked off.

The Community Patrol Report is made up of yellow slips of paper that officers leave on doors in the neighborhoods they patrol overnight.

The officer writes their name, badge number, date, time, and a completed checklist on the hang tag.

Officers are looking for things like “unsecured doors,” “unsecured garage doors,” “mail piled up,” and “windows not completely rolled up” on the list.

“If officers observe any unlocked premises or situations that might make you vulnerable to becoming a victim, you may find a “YELLOW” Community Patrol Report on your door,” the department said. “This is simply a reminder to make sure you protect your property and yourself from criminal activity. ”

You can call the department at (636) 949-3000 if you have any concerns.

Wentzville officers started doing something similar in October.

“It’s just a reminder to be vigilant and prevent potentially dangerous situations from happening,” the department said. “This is one way we are reaching out to our citizens in an effort to combat crime and make Wentzville a safer place to live!”