CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – Almost two weeks after thieves stole mail from a Chesterfield post office, police are warning residents to avoid sending mail to the outdoor mailboxes for fear of risking their personal information and privacy.

Police said over several weeks, there were numerous reports of stolen mail at the post office. Financial information is likely the target.

“It’s for a business account, that’s what I just dropped off in the mail and I monitor those every day,” said Jean Sandifer, Chesterfield resident. “So, I feel pretty good about that, I would catch something but still, I don’t understand why people would do this.”

In a Facebook post, Chesterfield police warn anyone that uses the post office off Swingley Ridge Road to avoid the popular drive-thru but instead ask to handle all business inside or at another location.

“This is a perfect target for people,” said Diane O’Brien.

It’s unknown how much mail was stolen, but some residents are not taking any chances.

“I went to my bank a couple of days ago,” said Rosemary. “They told me not to put any mail into the boxes because people are buying keys off of Amazon, evidently, and getting into the mail, so I took my mail inside. There’s nothing they won’t steal.”

The Chesterfield Police Department’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation has not confirmed this and they are working with United States Postal Service (USPS) inspectors over the investigation.

FOX 2 reached out to USPS but we have not received a response.

If you have been impacted by mail thefts, contact the Chesterfield Police Department at 636-537-3000.