WENTZVILLE, Mo. – Wentzville police are asking parents to talk with their teens about a TikTok challenge that is causing property damage. One teen is facing a charge of peace disturbance because of the challenge.

“The challenge is to record yourself while kicking a door and running off,” said Sgt. Jacob Schmidt with the Wentzville Police Department. “So I guess it’s a play on the old “ding dong ditch” type game.”

The seemingly harmless prank could lead to criminal charges and property damage.

“Very expensive. Hundreds of dollars for a new storm door, so it’s a big concern,” said Steve Heiland. “Not only just the kids being on your property, but the potential cost to the homeowner when things happen.”

Police want to stop the challenge before someone gets hurt.

“I will probably mention it to them just to say we heard this is going around,” said Jennifer Donley. “We should be aware of it. If your friends are wanting to do it, and you get involved in it, just don’t do it. It’s property damage that will cost money, and it’s a crime.”

“It sounds innocent in the beginning until a glass storm door or a screen or a metal door gets dented,” Schmidt said. “We’ve had a couple of calls for service on aluminum garage doors, which can be dented, and those can be very expensive. So what’s turned from what used to be kind of a funny prank, now it’s costing money.”

Homeowners want to see the trend end quickly.

“Some of this TikTok stuff is just out of control,” Heiland said.