ST. LOUIS – Ponce Health Sciences University in St. Louis is working to produce future doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals through a fun and exciting enrichment program that is geared towards children, fourth graders to be exact.

Youngsters participating in Ponce’s Mini Medical School program learn about health sciences and careers in healthcare through hands-on experiences, among other activities. In the process, the students develop critical thinking skills and relationships with med students who teach the classes.

The enrichment program meets for ten sessions and is free of charge. It is currently being offered in the University City and Jennings Public School Districts. Ponce Health Sciences University in St. Louis is planning to expand the Mini Medical School program to schools in the metro east.

For more information about the Mini Medical School program, contact Lee Haynes, Director of Marketing and Community Relations by phone at 314-887-1377, or email, or click here to visit their website.