Worker shortage limiting St. Charles restaurant from bustling business


ST. CHARLES, Mo. – A Main Street mainstay is changing its days of operation because management can’t find employees.

“It’s been kind of a dichotomy where we went from slow business as most people in the industry in 2020,” said Dan Badock, owner of Lewis & Clark’s. “Now things are opening up and extremely busy with the conundrum of trying to get more labor in the restaurant.”

But due to staffing issues, Badock has been closing his business on Tuesdays and Wednesdays since the beginning of June.

“It’s a difficult time,” Badock said. “I’ve never seen anything like this but I remain positive because we have such good people. And it’s more than…this whole situation is more than me as the owner. It’s about the community here in St. Charles and trying to keep this thing going. I’m in charge of a lot of Lewis & Clark’s and I have to take care of my people.”

On Thursday, Lewis & Clark is hosting a job fair at the 217 South Main Street in St. Charles.

Badock said the most direct route to return to normal for his restaurant will be to hire additional wait staff, cooks, and bussers.

“We’re standing by the front door and I’m telling people, ‘I’m sorry, we’re closed today,’” he said. “It’s a beautiful day here on Main Street. We’ve had two gorgeous days. It’s a little heart-wrenching. But I think sometimes we have to retreat and retool.”

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