ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – St. Louis County Police are investigating a suspicious package found at the Metropolitan Sewer District pump station in south county.

An employee found the suspicious package outside the facility Friday morning. 

“The staffer actually discovered some sort of device. So he didn’t approach it, he actually called the police because it looked suspicious,” said Sean Hadley, MSD Spokesperson.

Hadley said the bomb squad quickly responded to investigate the suspicious package. It was a collection of spray paint bottles duct taped around a “4th of July” type fireworks mortar. Hadley said security officers deal with people trespassing at the pump station often.

Neighboring businesses said the eventful day and suspicious package is concerning. 

“Well, we would be upset about that if we started hearing loud explosions. We’re St. Louis County, they’re not allowed to fire and fireworks or anything off,” said David Lammert with the VFW Post 2184.

Members of the St. Louis County Police Bomb Squad responded to the plant, located in the 4100 block of Meramec Bottom Road near Interstate 55, for several hours. Officials tell FOX 2 News that the device was discovered during a routine inspection.

Hadley said MSD pump stations can be dangerous and to call police if you see anyone trespassing. 

“We just want people to make sure they’re mindful of our facilities are not playgrounds, and that’s just one thing. We want people to understand that there’s a lot of risk at these facilities,” said Hadley.

St. Louis County Police say they do not know motive or intent behind the suspicious package. They are investigating and promise more information later.