Boeing test flight likely caused sonic boom in southwest Missouri


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Boeing says the sonic boom heard Friday in Springfield was “likely the result of a test flight.” A spokesperson for the company says Boeing is required to conduct these flights, as part of its contract with the United States Government. Adam Mertz, with Boeing Communications, also said the test flights are in accordance with procedures approved by the government.

People in the Springfield area heard another sonic boom Friday, just before 11:00 a.m. A viewer called our station and said she lives west of Ash Grove, Missouri. She told us she felt something and then heard a big boom.

Earlier Friday, Ozarks First called Greene County’s Emergency Manager Larry Woods about the report. Woods told us he doesn’t have anything confirmed yet about the cause of the sound, but told us the United States Geological Survey does not show any seismic activity in the area.

Woods said it’s likely another test flight done by Boeing. In late September, a loud boom was explained by Boeing running a test loop of a military aircraft starting in St. Louis and into the Ozarks.

Flight Aware does show an aircraft taking off in St. Louis Friday morning, heading west, and then making a loop. This is not confirmed to be the source of the sound.

Woods said Boeing does not notify emergency management agencies when they conduct these test flights.

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