ST. LOUIS – Recognized by some locals for having the “worst roads in America,” St. Louis tops the nation in pothole-related searches this year, a new report finds.

St. Louis is the only US city with more than 1,000 Google searches on potholes and pothole-related concepts per capita so far in 2023, according to a new report from

“While you never know where the next pothole may lurk, it pays to be extra alert when driving through cities with a lot of them. … Here’s lookin’ at you, St. Louis,” said the report.

A research team from compiled data from Google Trends to determine which 20 US cities pose the largest risks for potholes. St. Louis was the only city with more than 1,000 searches per capita over potholes, but Orlando, Florida (952) and Minneapolis, Minnesota (949) closely followed.

Per the report, pothole-related searches nationwide nearly doubled from 2019 to 2022 and are on pace to nearly triple from 2019 to this year.

The report also crunched survey data from nearly 1,000 US drivers this year. According to, around 47% of drivers deemed the state of the country’s road as “bad,” and around 51% reported they were “frustrated” by road conditions nationwide.

Among those surveyed, around one-third said they have hit at least five potholes over the past year.

Locally, the city has invested more than $50 million into street engineering and maintenance, according to the mayor’s recent “State of the City” address. FOX 2 has also reported on frustrations with potholes in St. Louis County over the past year.

To report a pothole in the City of St. Louis, click here. To report a pothole to MoDOT, click here.

Note: The video on this story is from January 2023.