PowerPlex hosts first drive-in live concert and movie showing


HAZELWOOD, Mo. – A drive-in movie was rolling on the big screens in St. Louis County.

Just before that, there were live concerts at the very same venue. The PowerPlex hosted its opening night of providing entertainment with social distancing.

Performers were hearing the high-hats, getting the sounds in sync, and feeling the vibrations of live instrumentation.

“We’re really happy to get out, blow the dust back off, play, and feel the energy,” said Doug Romano, lead guitarist of Exit 180.

It’s energy both live performers and music lovers have missed for a month. Romano says he hadn’t played since March 7.

The Powerplex and partners used a concert stage, jumbotrons, and FM radio to put on a drive-in concert. This is the first of a series of 11 shows.

“It’s awesome. I haven’t been out of the house in a long time,” said Debbie Gillis, a concert attendee.

People parked, listened, danced. There were concessions, lawn chairs, and a feeling of interaction.

Large venues and concerts being canceled has taken a toll on local artists. Spring is one of their busiest seasons.

“It’s been devastating, really,” Romano said.

Thursday night, Exit 180 rocked out.

“I still feel like there’s enough social distance we all feel safe,” Gillis said.

The question now is if this is the new norm.

“I don’t know,” said Romano. “Live music is all about getting out there and moving around and people in interaction, so I think that’s going be a little bit different.”

It was still a show but instead of screams at the end of a song, there were the honks of a horn.

For information on purchasing tickets to future concerts, click here.


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