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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – There are certain actions you can take to protect your landscape ahead of Monday night’s hard freeze. It’s worth the effort, since we’ll be seeing warm temperatures again in just a few days.

At Greenscape Gardens, they’re making a push for plant and pumpkin protection by bringing in those susceptible to the frigid temps, even those plants that can typically handle colder weather.

“It was a last-minute decision but we thought, you know, if there’s going to be damage to the tissue of the pumpkins, and they’re easy enough to just pick up off your front porch, and just throw them in the foyer for a couple of nights,” Beth Kusmin, manager of annuals and tropicals at Greenscape Gardens, said.

Summer plants covered with a cloth could prolong their life a few more weeks. Mums should be covered or brought inside. And newly-planted trees or shrubs should be well-watered to provide insulation for the freeze before you unhook those hoses.

Kusmin says a little effort the next two nights can protect your investment.

“You do have a whole lot of work put into it and you want it to look pretty especially since we’re still going to have nice days where we’re still going to be able to sit and enjoy on our porches,” she said.

FOX 2’s Elliott Davis was already well prepared for the upcoming freeze. He wanted to keep his 15-year-old palm plant safe and warm from the elements.

Ahead of last weekend’s frost, Elliott took action.

“So I said, you know what? It’s going to get colder. I need a plan. I can’t move this thing back into the kitchen. Because it takes up 25% of the kitchen,” he said.

Online, Elliott found a heated portable greenhouse that allows sunlight in, which provides additional warmth and ventilation, giving this special palm the TLC it needs to survive the winter.

“Like I said, it’s sentimental value of reminding me of a friend of mine who passed away but does have a sentimental value, so you give it a little bit of extra attention,” he said.

After the next 48 hours of cold weather, temperatures this weekend will be in the 70s, which will allow more time to enjoy your gardens and landscapes if proper precautions are taken during the freezing temperatures.