ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Shoppers at Greenscape Gardens in west St. Louis County were taking their time viewing a large variety of colorful plants on display Friday.

“I’m ready to plant,” said Tonya Wahlig.

She was among the customers undeterred by a weather forecast that included temperatures dipping close to the freezing mark.

Workers moved several trays of annuals and vegetables into a greenhouse Friday night. Ethan Wise is a horticulturist with Greenscape Gardens. He said anyone covering plants this weekend should use a frost cloth or sheet and avoid using plastic or something as heavy as a blanket.

Wise said watering susceptible plants the night before a frost can help.

“That wet soil is going to help insulate that plant,” he said.

If there are signs of frost the next morning, Wise said pouring water over the plants before peak sun hours can help.

Ballwin resident Shannon Teter was purchasing some plants. She said the see-saw St. Louis weather will not keep her from gardening.

“I’m ready for it to be a little more consistent, but that doesn’t mean I don’t plant,” Teter said.