ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – People in the St. Louis area are getting ready for today’s severe weather.

St. Clair County’s EMA and 911 Coordinator Herb Simmons says extra staff will be working for the storm. Simmons is encouraging people to stay alert as weather conditions change later today. He says weather radios are a good idea to help keep you informed and prepared.

Tree companies are also getting ready to deal with damage from the storms. Workers like those with the Meurer Brothers say fallen trees could take power lines with them potentially creating dangerous situations. They are warning people to not remove fallen trees without professional help.

“I see people going out standing in the yard looking up at the sky. Well, they want to see a tornado. The last thing you should be doing is doing that. Take heed of those warnings and get into a safe place,” said Herb Simmons.

“Over the last couple of years we’ve seen a number of trees just getting diseases and falling on houses way more often than they used to usually,” said Zachary Strom.

Storms could also be unsettling for your pets. The Belleville Area Humane Society recommends that you microchip pets in case they get separated from you during the storm. They also suggest keeping a box ready with an extra leash, collar, food and water.