AFFTON, Mo. – Sirens, stretchers, and a car crunched in half. The sights and sounds you never want to see. This heart-stopping sight is only a simulation that sends an important message to these high schoolers, don’t drink and drive.

“I wanted to be able to bring this to Affton and show the impact before something actually happens,” said senior Molly Carney.

Molly Carney worked with local first responders to put on this drunk driving simulation to Affton High School ahead of prom season.

“So I had a friend who passed away in September 2021 due to a drinking and driving accident. That really sparked my passion for wanting to advocate for this,” said Carney.

First responders, including the Affton Fire Protection District and St. Louis County Police, helped with the simulation. It starts with a head-on crash. None of the students were wearing seatbelts and the driver was drunk. The driver is arrested, two others are taken to the hospital, and one teen dies and is taken away in a hearse.

“The whole thing was definitely saddening, and it brings a lot out of you to just see people from your school in the same situation,” said senior Mya Franklin.

Senior Maya Franklin hopes to never have to see this scene in real life.

“I think people can be oblivious to it because it’s like, ‘not gonna happen to me so might not happen at all.’ So, I think this definitely brings awareness to that and people will have more realization going into making better choices about drinking and driving,” said Franklin.

First responders urge kids to always call their parents or a guardian if they’ve been drinking before they get behind the wheel.