CLAYTON, Mo. – St. Louis County Executive Sam Page outlined federal funds going to St. Louis County projects Wednesday morning. He also commented on the abrupt resignation of his chief of staff and the news that a sex tape was recorded in a St. Louis County building. Other members of the St. Louis County Council also spoke about the high-profile resignation, the video, and other issues.

Page outlined projects receiving federal aid after the state budget was put into law last week. Page says that St. Louis County will get $74 million from state ARPA funds to help improve safety, economic development, higher education, job training, and access to mental health services.

The University of Missouri St. Louis campus will get $40 million for a future project. The project is expected to improve the campus and the community around it. Another $23 million is going to public safety, which includes a regional intelligence center. The are $6 million allocated to demolish the Old Jamestown Mall. A job development center in Wellston is getting $4 million. Another $1.2 million is going to a campus that helps children who are victims of abuse.

Calvin Harris, the chief of staff for St. Louis County Executive Dr. Sam Page, abruptly resigned last Wednesday afternoon. News of an alleged sex tape recorded inside a St. Louis County government building also broke last week.  Law enforcement agencies have since been contacted and at least two of them are investigating.

“The question was about my former chief of staff. I think everyone knows by now that there was an inappropriate act in a St. Louis County building. That was wrong. The video was distributed, and that was wrong. The highway patrol is investigating. They will determine what crimes were committed. We will wait for their report,” stated Page.

Page says that Missouri Highway Patrol visited Calvin Harris’ office on Wednesday, June 29. Page asked him why they came by. Harris told Page that there is a video and he would be resigning. Harris indicated that he quit because of a family death in his resignation letter.

Councilmen Tim Fitch and Mark Harder also spoke during the press conference. They question the timing of the resignation announcement and want sex in St. Louis County buildings treated as a crime in the future.

They say that the public safety funds were allocated by other members of the council and not Page. They are also investigating Page’s other job as an anesthesiologist, a job he resigned from earlier this year.