ST. LOUIS — There were some surprises during Tuesday night’s St. Louis primary election. Voters decided which two candidates for the smaller Board of Aldermen would be on the April ballot. One race is too close to call, and several incumbents lost to political newcomers.

Brandon Bosley‘s loss comes a shock to many. He is the Ward 3 Alderman and was running for the new 14th Ward. His family has a long history in St. Louis politics. His uncle was the mayor of St. Louis, his father was the city’s longest serving alderman, his mother is a committeewoman, and his sister is a state representative.

The 9th Ward race ended with a tie, with Tina “Sweet-T” Pihl and Michael Gras each getting 868 votes. One of them will face Michael Browning after military and provisional ballots are counted.

Joe Vaccaro has been Ward 23 Alderman since 2009. He will face Ward 24 incumbent Bret Narayan in the race for the Ward 4 election in April. The vote was nearly split for these candidates, with just a 35 ballot difference.

See the full results below: