ST. CHARLES, Mo. — Protestors were in front of the St. Charles Boeing Plant Monday morning over the war munitions being manufactured here. It lasted for hours, but authorities say the pro-Palestinian protest was peaceful.

“There’s an ongoing genocide in Gaza that the United States is directly funding with no red lines. So as all of us living in the United States paying taxes to support this genocide, we are saying it is not in our name,” said Hoda Kadeti, protestor.

With signs, clapping and dancing, a pro-Palestinian group stood outside Boeing facilities off Third Street in S2 Charles. According to the St. Charles Police Department, approximately 75 pro-Palestinian demonstrators were gathered at the entrances to Boeing.

The demonstrators arrived at approximately 7:00 a.m. and left just after 10:00 a.m. The St. Charles Police Department was on scene to ensure the demonstration remained peaceful.

“We’re definitely interested in letting people working here at Boeing to know they are complicit. They are creating the bombs that are going out and killing Palestinians right now. So we’re tired of waiting on Congress’ timeline to end genocide and Biden’s timeline. We’re trying to do that today here,” said KADETI.

Joint Direct Attack Munitions or JDAMs are manufactured at the Boeing facility. St. Charles Police say there were no arrests.