CLAYTON, Mo. – Big changes could be coming to an unincorporated area near the City of Manchester.

The proposal to annex the area and join Manchester will be put to a vote. The St. Louis County Boundary Commissioners voted on Tuesday for the second time to approve the proposed annex.

“It was unanimous in support that it goes to a vote of the people. So, we’re very, very pleased by that outcome,” said Manchester Mayor Mike Clement.

Clement said the proposal is several months’ worth of work, gathering data on the roughly two-square-mile area that could possibly be included in Manchester city limits by the end of the year.

“The people will decide whether this is good for unincorporated and the city, and that’s all that we wanted,” Clement said.

He said the voters will make the final decision, and getting feedback from the nearly 6,500 residents in the unincorporated area as well as talking with residents of Manchester is the next step.

“We will begin to talk about initiating conversations with unincorporated and same kind of conversating, messaging, information with our own residents,” Clement said. “So, we need to be talking to all of them.”

The proposed annex will be on the November ballot.