FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, Ill. — A proposed drug rehabilitation facility in Fairview Heights has neighbors upset. Tuesday, dozens of people spoke at the city meeting to address their concerns about the location of the proposed facility.

Neighbors said they have a lot of questions about the proposal and want to see the facility go somewhere else.

“How are they guaranteeing the safety that things won’t go differently, that there is no paraphernalia left around for our children,” said Jody Dietrich.

Dietrich lives five houses away from the proposed location of the drug rehabilitation facility. She’s one of many neighbors who spoke out against the facility.

“It just makes me kind of cautious not knowing who is coming in and out,” said another resident, Emily Finley. “There are people who are court-ordered or just doing it because their family has been bothering them about it and stuff. And they don’t really care, and they’re going to go do their things still. And it just makes me nervous.”

Dozens of neighbors spoke at the meeting Tuesday where city officials discussed the necessary permits for the rehab facility.

“A special use for a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility at this facility that was formerly a nursing home. The building was a nursing home for the last 40 years and even that would be a special use in the city of Fairview Heights,” said Dallas Alley.

Alley is the Director of Land Use and Development for Fairview Heights and said the next meeting will be on July 20th at the community committee meeting.

“They will hear testimony, they will ask for all of the items that were entered into evidence tonight,” said Alley. “They’ll take that into consideration, and they’ll make a recommendation to the full city council.”