Editor’s note: Details in this story may not be suitable for some readers.

HILLSBORO, Mo. – A 31-year-old High Ridge man faces a nine-count indictment alleging a years-long pattern of sexual abuse and exploitation of a child.

According to probable cause statements from detectives with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, Jesse Galayda had several encounters with a juvenile beginning Jan. 1, 2015. The victim told investigators that he was 10 or 11 years of age and at Galayda’s residence when Galayda touched the child’s genitals.

When the victim was between 13 and 14, Galayda had the child perform oral sex on him. Other inappropriate sexual contact occurred that day.

On a different occasion, Galayda is said to have persuaded the juvenile to masturbate using a sexual device and recorded the victim doing so again later.

The victim, who is still underage, said he was visiting Galayda’s home when Galayda showed him child pornography videos. The videos included teens and pre-teens masturbating or having intercourse. Galayda allegedly showed the victim how and where to find the videos online.

Law enforcement obtained a search warrant for Galayda’s home. While searching the basement, detectives located a desktop computer that Galayda admitted was his. Detectives discovered more than a thousand videos and images of child pornography on the computer.

Galayda said he’d been trying to stop looking at child pornography for some time but admitted to using 4chan, an imageboard website, to access and view the illicit material.

The Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office charged Galayda with first-degree statutory sodomy, three counts of second-degree statutory sodomy, two counts of enticement of a child, one count of sexual exploitation of a minor, one count of second-degree possession of child pornography, and one count of furnishing pornographic material to a minor.