ST. LOUIS – Hankins Construction Company in Overland made a recent change to its marquee along Page Avenue. As of Tuesday afternoon, the sign read, “Pujols Home Run Count 694.”  

“One of the employees mentioned ‘Hey, we should change the marquee to celebrate Albert Pujols,”’ said Stephen Hankins, owner of Hankins Construction Company.

He said everyone jumped on board and believes the home run count is spreading enjoyment throughout the St. Louis community. 

Holly Wilson is the manager of the Brentwood Rally House. She said when Pujols left the Cardinals, some fans gave away their Pujols shirts or jerseys. 

“Now, you have them coming in and some of them are embarrassed about it, some of them just laugh it off,” Wilson said.   

She said any Pujols merchandise sells quickly. Wilson expects sales to grow as the home run total nears 700. 

Randy Fauth, owner of Sports Card Dugout in Webster Groves recalled a time when fans were unloading Pujols merchandise.  

“Right when he left, people sort of stopped collecting him and several people wanted to get rid of his cards,” he said. “I think people realized he was still a great player and the smart people held onto his card.” 

He said interest is growing in Pujols rookie cards.