Push for public vote on Missouri gas tax increase abandoned


ST. LOUIS– A push to put Missouri’s new gas tax increase to a public vote has been tabled. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Monday reported that a conservative advocacy group dropped plans to get the issue on the ballot.

Americans for Prosperity-Missouri had hoped voters would overturn the tax increase. But the group’s executive director says the campaign just didn’t come together.

The law will gradually raise the state’s 17-cent-a-gallon gas tax to 29.5 cents over five years. It will rise 2.5 cents each year starting on Oct. 1. Buyers can get a refund if they keep their receipts.

The American Petroleum Institute recently broke down taxes on each state. Currently, Missourians have the second-lowest gas tax in the country with a total of 35.82 cents in taxes on a gallon of gas.

Once the increase goes into effect in a few months, the taxes will be 38.3 cents per gallon. At that point, there will be 4 states with lower gas taxes according to The American Petroleum Institute.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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