ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — FOX 2’s You Paid For It team is investigating why St. Louis County does not have a county-wide system to change lights when emergency vehicles come through intersections.

St. Charles County is spending $800,000 to put such a system in place. This system would keep the traffic signals green for emergency vehicles, while everyone else would have a red light.

St. Louis County Executive Dr. Sam Page wasn’t available for comment. Spokesman Doug Moore directed FOX 2 investigator Elliott Davis to the county’s police department, which also did not provide a comment.

Many others are talking. St. Louis County Councilman Tim Fitch said it sounded like a good idea that could save lives.

FOX 2’s Elliott Davis also reached out to the chairwoman of the County Council who said she plans to talk to County Police Chief Kenneth Gregory to see if they could move the ball forward on this.

The questions come after six innocent people were killed in police chases in both the city and county.

The head of north St. Louis County mayor’s organization thanked You Paid For It for taking the initiative in trying to get the county moving. Mayor James McGee said the county still had millions of ARPA pandemic funds it hadn’t spent, and this would be a good use to protect first responders and the public.