ST. LOUIS – Radio Personality Lux hosted her last show for 105.7 The Point on Friday.

She posted a tearful video to social media showing her signing off to all of her listeners.

She signed off by saying, “follow me on socials @LuxStLou. Wear your seatbelts, St. Louis. I’m out.” The tears then started to flow.

She ended her time with the station on Saturday at Pointfest which ended up being postponed due to the day’s storms. Lux still got to go and hang out with some of the artists.

The DJ made the announcement on March 2 that she was leaving the station after 15 years. Her first day there was May 12, 2007.

Lux has not revealed what her plans are for the future, but everyone at 105.7 has wished her nothing but the best.