ST. CHARLES, Mo. – A rainy Saturday afternoon didn’t slow people down from buying last-minute fireworks ahead of The Fourth of July on Monday.

As some customers might have adjusted their purchases due to the weekend weather, fireworks stands around St. Charles have had to adjust too.  

“Supply was very, very tough,” said Presidential Fireworks owner Gayla Barnett. “We started ordering things earlier, or looking for things earlier. We’ve had to pick up more suppliers to try to get it, so we work really hard to get this many [fireworks].”

Barnett said business has been good, even adjusting to a new customer base over the years.

“You see everything, you see groups that come through from neighborhoods and put things together, you see families, and dad just comes in to buy some stuff that’s fun,” Barnett said. “This is something that, for a little while, they don’t have to worry about the groceries and everything else. They’re buying fun.”

Barnett said safety is most important when dealing with fireworks. She also has iPads to show customers how exactly certain fireworks work.

“You don’t get home and go ‘Oh, I thought it was going to do something different.’ They can see exactly what it does before they buy it,” Barnett said. 

Owen Bogel, an 11-year-old shopping with guardians, was excited about the upcoming holiday. Simple factors go into which fireworks he wanted to buy. 

“Based on the packaging on how cool they look, mostly the bigger ones,” Bogel said.  

Barnett said safety is most important, but it’s also important to have fun. 

Theresa Gardner was picking up fireworks with family too. She is looking forward to the extended weekend. 

“I’m so excited this year,” said Gardner. “I finally feel like I can celebrate the Fourth of July. I feel like I’ve been stuck in for the last two years, as expensive as gas is, I’m just going to have fun at home with my family this year. Just have some good family time together.”