FRANKLIN COUNTY, Mo. – Warm weather breaks are nice in the winter months, but they don’t last long. That winter feeling made a quick comeback on Thursday.

The day started wet for all as heavy rain moved through in the overnight hours. Roads were wet in metro St. Louis, making the morning commute slower than average.

But farther west, the arrival of colder air led to a fast accumulation of snow. A burst of snow over Jefferson City, Missouri, put down two inches of snow. Crews worked to clear sidewalks and parking lots before lawmakers got to work at the Capitol.

That snow pushed farther east, leaving a coating in parts of Gasconade and Franklin counties. Snowy scenes could be found in Drake, Owensville, Rosebud, and Gerald.

Gusty northwest winds brought back a wintry chill for all. Those winds did help to dry off roads after the wet and sometimes snowy morning, so driving was not an issue through the afternoon.