ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – About 500 people turned out for a rally outside the Jewish Federation of St. Louis on Sunday to show support for Israel in the wake of last week’s terror attacks by Hamas.

“That we condemn the actions of Hamas by going into the homes of our brothers and sisters, massacring their children, and taking hostages. We want the hostages released as well,” Traci Goldstein, a rally organizer, said. “The point is: we want to live in our land, and we’d love to live with peace, but you can’t make peace with someone when they want you dead.”

Organizers discussed a fundraiser for Israel. St. Louis is one of the many cities raising money, according to Goldstein.

“That money is also going over to Israel to help with the needs of the soldiers, the needs of people who are displaced. There are children whose parents got killed,” she said. “They have nowhere to live, so that money goes 100% directly to the people of Israel. That fundraiser can be found on the Jewish Federation website.