ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – A group is coming to the rescue of those whose homes may have fallen into disrepair.

The St. Louis Chapter of Rebuilding Together works to make housing safer for older adults, veterans and people with disabilities, among others.

Judy Gillette’s home in north St. Louis County is one of 25 that volunteers refurbished Saturday during Rebuilding Together’s Fall Rebuilding Day. She says she is blown away by the work.

“I just love the way they did my home,” said Gillette.

Volunteers mowed the lawn, sealed the driveway, repaired fences and accomplished many other goals.

“We did lighting, particularly safety lighting on the exterior of the home and some motion detector lights,” said Elaine Powers, executive director of Rebuilding Together.

Workers also did extensive interior work, like repainting Gillette’s kitchen, installing grab bars in the shower, and installing a fire extinguisher. Gillette says her physical issues have prevented her from caring for her home in the way she would like to.

“I’m retired. It helps a lot for me, and I just couldn’t get up on a ladder and do things and paint like that anymore,” said Gillette.

“It makes such a difference in people’s lives when they no longer need assistance navigating stairs, getting in and out of the bathtub, or feeling secure in their home,” said Powers.

Rebuilding Together works in conjunction with several local partners year-round to assist with home repairs. Powers says there are about 115 Rebuilding Together offices around the country.