ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The spring is the perfect time to work on home improvements in and outside of the home. Starting Saturday morning that’s what Rebuilding Together St. Louis did for 18 homes in need of assistance throughout St. Louis.  

“I just can’t believe it.  I’m grateful, you just don’t know how I feel from the bottom of my heart,” a teary-eyed Kayondo said. 

“People are just so nice and humble beautiful people.” 

Kayondo said home repairs have been a challenge over the last year with the loss of her husband and her own personal health. 

“Rebuilding together is really a good organization because it helps a lot of people. It doesn’t only help them financially, but their emotional being you know,” she said. 

Her home was one of 18 throughout St. Louis to receive home repairs.   

“We have hundreds of volunteers out today teams of 15-20 per house plus we have volunteers from the plumbers and pipefitters who are out today another couple hundred of them so we’re packing them all over St. Louis right now,” Rebuilding Together St. Louis Executive Director Elaine Powers said.  

Powers said partners like Boeing, Emerson, and MiTek are who help make it possible. 

“It’s just the relationships that we’ve formed over time that have allowed us to be able to coordinate a project on this scale a couple of times a year,” Powers said. 

They work together to provide the materials and volunteers. 

“We look at the house to make sure that needs are within the scope of what we’re able to do we focus on safety health and independence for adults primarily. We’re just proud to be a part of good things that are happening in St. Louis,” Powers said.