ST. LOUIS – Police are investigating numerous marijuana dispensary break-ins across the St. Louis region. The latest incident happened Thursday morning when the suspects were shooting at people who saw them breaking in.

According to a spokesperson with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, officers responded to a break-in at the Luxury Leaf Marijuana Dispensary on South Vandeventer Avenue in south city before 4 a.m.

Dr. Eboni January, the medical director for Greenlight Medical Marijuana Dispensary in St. Louis and Cultivation Plant, said three of her locations were also hit.

“7,000 jobs were created last year for people in the region. I want people to understand we treat people with mental diseases, cancer, and seizures,” January said.

Investigators said medical marijuana dispensaries are becoming common targets for thieves.

Tom Bommarito, a partner with Greenlight Medical Marijuana Dispensary, said all the crimes were caught on camera. He said they are required to lock up their marijuana products in a vault like a bank, so even if thieves break in, it’s difficult for them to steal any of the products.

Surveillance video from the Greenlight Medical Marijuana Dispensary on Chippewa Street shows the thieves arriving at the store in a stolen vehicle and using a rock to break the glass to enter.