FERGUSON, Mo. – Starting Thursday, December 8, recreational marijuana use will be legal in Missouri for adults ages 21 and older. However, for the time being, you can still only buy marijuana from a Missouri dispensary if you have a medical marijuana card.

One month ago, Missouri voters approved Amendment Three, making recreational marijuana legal in the Show Me State. Thursday, that new law takes effect. Dispensaries across Missouri have been selling medical marijuana for a while, but soon they could start selling marijuana to many more people.

The two new Missouri marijuana guidelines are that people 21 and older can now have up to three ounces of marijuana for recreational use, and dispensaries can start applying with the state Thursday to have their licenses expanded. So they can sell recreational marijuana and not just medical marijuana.

It’s understood that state officials have 60 days to approve a dispensary’s application, so you probably won’t be able to buy recreational marijuana from a Missouri dispensary until early February of next year.

We’re told the new law allows medical marijuana patients to now have up to 6 oz. of marijuana at a time. That limit used to be 4 oz.

People will be able to grow marijuana in their own homes under the new law, but you will have to get a personal cultivation card from the state.

You can start applying for that card next February.

The new law also makes it possible for some non-violent offenders currently serving sentences related to marijuana possession to petition to have their sentences vacated and their records expunged.