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ST. LOUIS – A new twist nears for the Red Hot Riplets brand, which is expanding beyond its well-known St. Louis-served potato chips.

Old Vienna, the company behind the snack, has announced plans for THC-infused Red Hot Riplet brownies. The brownies come just a few months after the company released its “Twice Baked” Red Hot Riplets, potate chips that are also THC-infused.

“We experienced a tremendous level of success with our launch of Twice Baked Red Hot Riplets with Old Vienna this spring – so much so, we were inspired to create and launch Red Hot Riplet brownies,” said Tony Billmeyer, CMO of Show-Me Organics, a Missouri owned cannabis company that operates Missouri’s Own and Vivid, among other brands. “Eating a Red Hot Riplet Brownie is a really unique experience because it begins as a normal chocolate brownie and finishes with an unmistakable Red Hot Riplet taste that is as surprising as it is nice.”

The brownies will debut at launch events on Friday at Greenlight Dispensary (6497 Chippewa) and Swade Dispensary (4108 Manchester). Red Hot Riplet brownies will be available at Missouri dispensaries on Sept. 13.

According to Old Vienna, each package of Red Hot Riplet brownies will contain two brownies with around 30mg of THC (15 mg THC per brownie) and cost $18.

Old Vienna has created several snacks, including the original Red Hot Riplets, since forming in 1936.

Last month, Food & Wine released its “Best Snack in Every State” report, naming the St. Louis-served Red Hot Riplets as the best snack in the Show-Me State. The traditional potato chips are well-known for their ridges and spicy barbeque flavor.