An Israeli airstrike on Gaza’s largest refugee camp headlines a dark day in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Israel admits the strike on the Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza was targeted. The Israeli Defense Forces said they killed a Hamas leader who helped plan the Oct. 7 terror attack on Israeli soil.

They claim IDF jets struck Nasim Abu Ajina, who was identified as the commander of the Beit Lahia Battalion of Hamas’ Northern Brigade. Hamas denies that report.

Pictures and video reveal the destruction left behind.

Eyewitnesses and medics say many people, including children, died in the attack. Israeli officials said they repeatedly warned residents to evacuate the camp in recent days and blamed Hamas for operating in civilian areas.

“Why was this Hamas battalion commander literally operating underneath a civilian area?” Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson Doron Spielman said. “They have no concern for the civilians.”

The United Nations publicly criticized the attack. A spokesman for United Nations Secretary-General Stephane Dujarric sent a clear message to Israeli leaders on Tuesday.

“International humanitarian law establishes clear laws that cannot be ignored. It is not an à la carte menu and cannot be applied selectively,” Dujarric said.

The latest air strike comes as Israel continues its ground invasion in Gaza. Israeli troops and tanks marched further into Gaza, along with bulldozers, clearing the rubble from recent airstrikes.

Israel’s military said it has hit roughly 300 Hamas targets over the past day alone. They said ground troops are focused on targeting Hamas’s extensive network of tunnels, where the group is believed to be hiding hostages.

Israel also rescued a hostage from Hamas Tuesday. It comes as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejects calls for a ceasefire.