ST. LOUIS — A major Missouri marijuana manufacturer is having its license revoked. Regulators say that Delta Extraction was using out-of-state cannabis and violating other rules. The revocation will take effect on Dec. 2, 2023.

Missouri recalled more than 60,000 marijuana products sold in dispensaries by the company in August. No one has reported any adverse reactions to the products. But, regulators are likely more concerned about businesses following the rules outlined in the state constitution.

Amy Moore, director of the Missouri Division of Cannabis Regulation, stated, “Businesses that choose to participate in Missouri’s marijuana industry do not get to decide which rules and which parts of Article XIV they want to follow.”

A suspension order was issued this August. Delta Extraction admitted to violating regulations by sourcing THC-A from outside the state. Delta Extraction was given an opportunity to address the violations. The DCR proceeded with the revocation, emphasizing the importance of following regulations in Missouri’s marijuana industry.