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ST. LOUIS– A week after the city of St. Louis ordered Reign Restaurant to close for a year St. Louis officials say they had to shut down an event held there last night.

City officials say they were notified around 8 p.m. about the event and police on bike patrol responded quickly and shut it down without incident or arrest. The City is now exploring the next steps as it relates to the order violation.

“The City of St. Louis, along with business, community, and civic leaders on the Downtown Engagement and Public Safety Initiative, is dedicated to activating Downtown to create positive spaces for all and will continue to hold individuals and businesses accountable,” said Nick Dunne, Mayor Tishuara Jones’ Public Information Officer.

The St. Louis Department of Public Safety ordered Reign to close and be boarded up for a year citing that it is “a threat to public safety and welfare of the residents in this community.”

Once the nuisance order was posted, Reign has 30 days to vacate, according to city documents.

The decision came after a public nuisance abatement hearing held Sept. 20 where the police linked a series of shootings and assaults at Reign in August and early September.

In September, Reign’s liquor license was suspended after video evidence surfaced of a shootout that took place in December of last year.