ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Gun violence has taken the lives of many in St. Louis. Today an organization held a day to remember those who lost their lives and to support the living who are also victims.

The Crime Victim Center held a community violence support group Saturday morning. The executive director says it’s a chance for those who have lost someone close to them from homicide to grieve.

Homicides are a deadly issue impacting many metropolitan areas nationwide. At Saints Teresa and Bridgit Catholic church, those lost were remembered Saturday morning.

Crime Victims Center Executive Director Katie Dalton says the agency partners with Homicide Ministries Community Alliance and ministers in the area which creates dialogue with residents.

Major Ryan Cousins was one of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department members there Saturday morning.

“Oftentimes as you know we investigate these crimes and we go from start to finish so we’re there with them during that process,” said Major Ryan Cousins.

Major Cousins says this is a chance for police to listen too.

“We don’t know what these families go through in their personal lives. I’m sure when they see people that they don’t even know they have a sense of comfort that they’re not alone,” said Major Cousins

Dalton says Crime Vicitms Center is there as well providing trauma-focused counseling services and other resources.

“We will work with people regardless if they’re working with the police department or prosecution. Anyone who’s impacted by crime can come to seek services at our agency,” said Dalton.